The IoT market has not revealed its full potential yet... 

Sentiens aims at removing all remaining barriers to massive IoT adoption, focusing on customer RoI and overcoming technology competition


We provide solutions for all your IoT needs!

After more than 10 years of technology competition, the Industrial IoT market, relying an LPWAN has not taken off. Instead of taking care of their data, customers have been pushed to make technological choices.

The time has come to define a new era in the market, putting customer at the center, and focusing on value. At Sentiens we want to play a significant role in this transformation, bringing our expertise directly to the customer and fostering collaboration between actors to unleash the  IoT market!

We provide perfect fit solutions!

Putting our compentencies at your service is our DNA. Our experienced team will help you in building in your IoT project, in all its aspects. From the transmission technology, to the software stack, including the device conception and the business application. Always keeping in sight to build lasting solutions, unsensitive to the natural evolution over time of LPWAN connectivity technologies.

IoT solution integration

An IoT project requires a lot of different skills which is difficult to have internally. Working with Sentiens is key for your project success because the team is highly skilled in all IoT domains. No need to reinvent the wheel, and leverage the technologies used on daily basis by Sentiens engineers to increase quality and time to market for your project.

Radio telecommunication expertise

Radio telecommunication is a complex topic, and only very specific profile can engineer those systems. At Sentiens, we have the most experenced team, that will design the right solution for your need. Integrator can try to replicate the same solution for all, but this is not the best way to improve quality and ROI for your project.

Multi-protocol core network

Sentiens has developed a core network LAN that enables all technological solution to be aggregated. Thanks to this platform, Sentiens offers to customer to use the best LPWAN technology for its needs while guaranteeing sustainability of their investment, not depending on the technology provider.

Sigfox private networks

The Sigfox technology excels in terms of simplicity and cost, and some use cases were not addressable via the Global Sigfox Network. With the support of Unabiz, Sentiens has developed a private network for Sigfox, fully compatible with existing devices, used on the WAN. This was the missing offer in the LPWAN landscape.

Sentiens also offers the possibility to integrate those Sigfox devices directly in your LoRa solutions, seamlessly from an operation standpoint. LEARN MORE

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Our Team

Lionel Molinier

Founder & CEO

After a PhD in Computer Network, Lionel spent more than 10 years as engineer in embedded and cloud system dedicated to the IoT, joining the Sigfox adventure early. With Sentiens, he is developing the needed bricks to fit market needs.

Yann Guiomar


Former general manager of Coronis Systems, a LPWAN pioneer, then Sensing Labs co-founder. Yann has 20 years of hands-on experience in IoT business development with a strong expertise, either in the field of Smart Metering, Smart Building, Industry & Logistics 4.0 or Connected agriculture.

Ludovic Le Moan


Co-founder of Sigfox, Ludovic have demonstrated the need for deploying low power and low bandwidth networks. Today, there are a lot of technologies available for LPWAN, and it will be endless to pursue the mono-technology strategy, but as the business needs are real, there is another way!

Christophe Fourtet


Mozart of the radiotelecommunication and father of the Sigfox technology, Christophe is definetely an expert of its domain. He contributes to a deep understanding of a problematic and to develop the right solution.


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